While Bratislava ranks among the youngest capital cities in the world, its history dates back to ancient times. Many peoples and nations have lived peacefully here side by side for centuries. Tourists can still soak up their traces from the buildings and picturesque streets of the historical centre. Experience the unforgettable atmosphere of the “little big city” and let yourself be tempted by a tour of the most beautiful cultural and historical monuments of this attractive city.


Bratislava Castle standing on a hill above the old historical centre, is the symbol and dominant landmark of the capital. Its shape is reminiscent of an overturned table with its legs in the air and is a favourite and sought-after location for foreign tourists as well as for Bratislava locals. The castle has a rich history and the castle hill was settled by the Celts in the late Stone Age. For a number of centuries it was a home to the sovereigns of Royal Hungary, the location of a general seminary for training priests, and even the site of barracks for soldiers. Since independence the castle has been the representative seat of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and has been host to expositions of the Slovak National Museum.


The grand Gothic cathedral reminds us of the glory of Bratislava when it was the coronation town for Hungarian monarchs. Maria Theresa was crowned the Queen of Hungary there in 1741. The cathedral’s interior is decorated with a notable relief of the Holy Trinity and the portal of the southern hall is the oldest Renaissance architectural monument in the territory of Slovakia. The 300-kg gold-plated copy of St Stephan’s crown has been placed in the Cathedral’s tower at a height of 85 metres as a memorial to coronation times.


The bridge that was originally called The New Bridge was built in 1972 and is the first bridge in the world in the category of hanging bridges with a single pylon. This is a unique work of architecture and was declared the project of the century for Slovakia in 2001 in the category of Bridge Projects. The New Bridge returned back to its original name of SNP Bridge in August 2012 to commemorate this historical event which was a major milestone in the modern history of Slovakia. A luxury observation restaurant at a height of 95 m above the ground at the very top of the bridge is also a component and a unique element finishing the structure. The restaurant offers spectacular views of all of Bratislava in addition to culinary specialities.